Sunday, February 6, 2011

Polish Starman

The Starman carving is one of my  most requested carvings. Although I have made many of them no two are alike.

In Poland the Christmas gift giver is the Starman (Gwiazdor). After a large Christmas eve feast the Starman (Most often the parish priest) arrives. He is accompanied by the Starboys carrying a paper Star lantern and creche. They sing carols and then quiz the children on catechism. While this is done the parents arrange the gifts in another room and then signal the Starman that the room is ready. The Star is the primary Christmas symbol in Poland. This Starman wears a traditional blue robe. Red and white are the national colors of Poland so that is why he has the splash of red robe showing. If anyone has anymore information about the Starman please post it here.

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